Investing money is a smart thing to do as soon as you become an adult, but many people do not know how to choose the right investments. If you can relate, you might want to meet with a financial advisor. An advisor can offer you the best advice about investing, but the advisor must know a few things about you before offering you suggestions. Here are the main things they must know before giving you investment advice.

Your Timeframe

Your timeframe is the amount of time you have to save and invest money over your lifetime. A person in their 20s will have a longer timeframe for investing than a person in their 40s. Your timeframe also consists of the age you plan for your retirement. When you talk to your advisor about this, they will calculate the number of years you have to invest. The answer to this guides the advisor with the advice they offer.

Your Financial Goals

The second thing the advisor wants to know is your financial goals. What goals do you have? Do you want to buy a house or something else that is costly? Do you hope to have a specific amount saved by the time you retire? The answers to these questions also guide an advisor to know what advice to offer.

Your Risk Level

Your risk level also affects the advisor's advice. In most cases, an advisor gauges a person's risk level by reviewing their timeframe and financial goals. They might also talk to you about the risk level you are willing to take. If you take more risk, you stand to make more money. More risk also presents a higher risk of losing money.

Your Desires for Investments

Finally, they will ask about your desires for investments. Do you have certain types of investments you want to use? Are there certain ones you wish to avoid? A financial advisor understands all the various types of investments you can use and can help you see the pros and cons in each. From there, you can determine what the best options are for your investments.

When you initially meet with a financial advisor, these are the things they will discuss with you. Once the advisor learns the answers to these questions, they can offer you advice, options, and suggestions for investing.

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