If you want to ensure that your loved ones will be taken care of financially or that your favorite charities will receive some of your money after you die, you can create a living trust that will guarantee your beneficiaries will receive everything you'd like to leave to them. Your beneficiaries will also be able to avoid the expense and time-consuming process of going through probate proceedings if you have a living trust in place. That's because it specifies what each person or organization is supposed to receive from your estate. Online living trust services can simplify the process of creating a living trust.

Easy Online Questionnaires

Many online living trust services include online questionnaires that are easy to answer and can help you plan your living trust in a more organized fashion. Questions about who you want to name as your beneficiaries and who you might want to disinherit will likely be included on your questionnaire. The form that you fill out may even let you specify who you want to name as the new legal guardian of any minor children you might leave behind following your death. If you want to restate or amend an existing trust, simply provide the details on the questionnaire and include a copy of the original trust. The answers that you include will be used to fill out a living trust document that you can save for your records.

Instant Online Signatures

Some online living trust services have apps that can be downloaded to mobile phones and allow for signatures to be obtained online. Once a signature is entered, it can be instantly saved to your living trust documentation and will be legally valid. Submitting the required signatures online through an app will save you the trouble of having to download and print documents or meet with someone in person to sign the documents.

Additional Legal Resources 

You may even have access to other legal resources with an online living trust service to help you plan your living trust better and clear up any potential confusion. Some online living trust services may have information organized by topic that you can review while others might even give you the chance to connect with a lawyer in your area who practices living trust law and can offer additional guidance.

Online living trust services offer some of the most convenient and reliable ways to create living trusts. You can use the power of online technology to write up a living trust document that fulfills your wishes and gives your beneficiaries extra assurance. Contact a company that offers online living trust services to learn more.