Whether you are a seasoned investor or a novice, knowing how to choose the right investments makes a big difference both in your confidence levels and in your financial returns. Do you want to improve in this area? Then consider these four signs of a good buy for you as a unique individual investor.

1. You Understand the Company

While new and exciting industries or companies might seem very tempting, they also offer a higher risk factor due to being unknown quantities. If you don't understand what the company makes or markets as well as their basic business operation choices, you can't accurately judge their potential or future profits.

As you read up on the business and its market, be willing to learn new things but avoid ones that make your head spin in confusion. 

2. You Love the Company

Do some research into the business before deciding on an investment. What do you feel about the company and its offerings? Does it make you proud? Does it make you confident that there is a solid plan? Does it make you want to tell others about it? If so, this might be a good place to put some of your hard-earned money. If not, follow your gut instinct and look for someone that better represents what you're looking for.

3. The Company Is Well Managed

As you research the company, pay attention to how it is managed. Look at past financials, not only to see how well the money is managed but also to look for a solid flow from ideas to execution to successful implementation. What is the tone in management documents when addressing both failures and successes? Does it learn from past mistakes? And does it have a realistic, workable plan for the future? 

4. The Company Has Matching Goals

Whether you are investing for the short term or the long run, you want a company that has a similar outlook.

If you want quick growth and the chance to move on once you make a good return, look for companies that have ambitious short term plans that will boost their bottom line. If you're looking for something that you can invest your retirement fund in, you may want a business that takes a more measured approach and is developing multiple future streams of income. 

If you base your investment choices on solid bases that ensure a good fit, you're more likely to find success and happiness as an investor. Want more help finding the best matches? Consult with an experienced investment manager like UAK Diversified LLC. today.