Working with a payroll company is a common practice for a lot of businesses. Many customers, though, don't take full advantage of the offerings available to them. Let's take a look at five ways you can fit payroll consulting services into your business plans.

Relieving Some of the Burden

Enterprises of all sizes face a lot of demands to track each employee's work time. Working with a payroll company means you can offload some of that burden to a team of professionals. If there ends up being an issue with an employee's pay, then you can turn to those professionals for help figuring out what happened. Likewise, working with pros will develop greater trust on the part of your employees.

Faster Transfers

It's normal for a payroll company to offer direct deposit options. Rather than dealing with cutting checks and keeping tabs on all the transfers, you can leave that to the payroll team. They often offer more diverse direct deposit options than an individual business can because they have relationships with more banks and financial institutions.

Integration of Benefits and Plans

Offering certain sorts of benefits, such as matching 401(k) payments, can be a challenge for business owners who don't know how to handle such things. Employees are always happy to take benefits, and being able to offer a tax-advantaged retirement plan can be a real selling point when a prospective employee has to choose between working for you or someone else.

Producing Records and Issuing Paperwork

Having payments, benefits and retirement plans means there are going to be reporting and tax requirements. On your end, you'll need to accurately track all these things so you can present them in business reports and deduct them from your taxes.

Similarly, your employees will benefit from receiving paperwork to handle their taxes, financial planning, and retirement plans. It's also common for electronic records options to be available. For example, someone using tax software to do their taxes can punch in their Social Security number and your company's taxpayer identification number. With a few more details, the software will pull the data from the payroll services provider, making the process much simpler when people are doing their taxes.


Every new year means new regulations, and a payroll consulting company can keep you in front of such challenges. They'll update their systems to account for new rules, and that means you and your employees will automatically receive the benefits of those changes.